Report about nutritional balance in the Pet Food field

by Mara Di Noia

For our four-legged friends, a healthy bowl must be a right combination of carbohydrates (60%), proteins (20%) and fats (20%). Vita Veg products perfectly meet these requirements as they are complete and balanced.

Animals that follow a diet characterized by the absence of animal fats, the presence of a good multivitamin pool and vegetable proteins, will certainly have less skin, kidney, cardiovascular, oncological and obesity problems: diseases that in these recent years have caused quite a few problems to all of us, including animals.

In addition to dogs, also our cats can be well without meat: the new 100% vegetable food is balanced for a healthy and nutritious meal, enriched with taurine.


Download the full reportRelazione Mara Di Noia sull'equilibrio nutrizionale